Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (3/20/09)

I absolutely love the Geico Kash logo.  So Akron’s Pro Day was pushed back a week.  At first, I was upset.  Now, I realize that it may be a good thing.  Our guys will continue to eat well and train, and hopefully the change of date will allow more scouts to attend the Pro Day.  […]

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Darius’s Dirty Deal

After being signed to his second ten-day contract with the Memphis Grizzlies on January 20th, and the initial threats of the Portland Trailblazers to all NBA teams, Darius Miles has officially signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. I wrote several articles relating to this specific matter regarding Miles (Blazers Miles From Resolving Conflict) and his financial […]

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One More Mile

Last week i wrote a piece titled, Blazers Miles From Resolving Conflict, which now looks to be a true statement after today’s most recent update.  I wrote about the Portland Trail Blazers absurd reaction to the Memphis Grizzlies signing of Darius Miles to a 10-day contract extension.  Miles needed to only play in one more game […]

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Is It All About The Benjamins?

Brandon Jennings decided to go overseas to play for Pallacanestro Virtus Roma in the Italian league instead of going to Arizona.  Apparently he did not have the scores to play for U of A and additionally wanted to start making cash now instead of waiting a year.  Let’s make one thing clear, though: Jennings did not […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

I am heading up to Winston-Salem, NC today (a lovely 8+ hour drive) and will be attending Chris Paul’s PBA Celebrity Invitational tomorrow at the AMF Major League Lanes.  I am going in support of Dynasty‘s client, Tommy Jones, who will be paired up with Miami’s own Dwyane Wade and I will be meeting up with Dynasty’s […]

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Ehadadi Gettin’ Grizzly

Less than two weeks ago I reported about a 7’2 Iranian who had made a big-time impression in Beijing during the Olympics. Hamed Ehadadi led the Olympics in blocks and rebounds per game and proved to scouts that he has the talent to play at a high level. Up until two weeks ago, no Iranians […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

The majority of people on this site are looking to represent players from one of the big four (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). When it comes time to represent a major client, how many contracts will you have negotiated? Well now, thanks to’s Fantasy Basketball Mock GM game, you can practice your agent skills against […]

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Nochimson Robbed Of NBPA Certification

HoopsHype lists Josh Nochimson as a basketball agent who represents absolutely nobody for a whopping income of $0 per year.  DraftExpress is a little more generous, listing two clients (Deng Gai and Brian Roberts) for the same yearly total.  HoopsHype may actually be closer to the truth now that word has come out that Nochimson […]

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“The Owners Allowed The Agents To Beat Their Rear Ends.”

The issue regarding high rookie salaries has been a buzz around many of the professional leagues this summer.  The NFL and NBA had their drafts recently with veteran players watching the rookies take home some big checks.  ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen claims that the managers are the ones complaining yet they are the ones […]

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Helping You Lose Your Money Effectively

Rick Reilly recently got a large stipend to move his belongings from Sports Illustrated to the Bristol-based company, ESPN.  Since he arrived at the World Wide Leader in Sports, I have not been wowed with any of his pieces.  Finally, I can find some interest in one of his write-ups.  Reilly just penned a piece […]