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Willis & Woy Care About Life Beyond Football

Tomorrow, February 4th, many people in Dallas, TX will attend the Dallas Superbash 2011 Super Bowl Party hosted by Pamela Anderson.  The party is presented by NFL agency, Willis & Woy Sports Group, LLC.  While there will be plenty of partying and celebrating on site, when the event is over, Jordan Woy and Chad Willis […]

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Former Sports Agent Josh Luchs Speaks, Tweets

Last year, Josh Luchs (the topic of George Dohrmann’s Sports Illustrated piece) revealed Luchs’ paying money and providing other benefits to recruits throughout his sports agent career.  Luchs later lost his NFLPA Contract Advisor certification (which surprised no one), but it gave him a platform to speak about the inner workings of the pay-to-play system that many […]

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The NFL Should Look Into The NBA’s Conflict Of Interest Regulations

Many NFLPA certified Contract Advisors are severely conflicted between representing players and the coaches and/or front office NFL team personnel.  No agency might be more conflicted than the newly formed SportsTrust Advisors, which is the result of a merger of Jimmy Sexton’s Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and Pat Dye, Jr.’s ProFiles Sports, Inc. No issue when they are negotiating […]

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Gary Wichard Suspended; Teague Egan’s Certification Revoked; What Now?

Late last Friday, the NFL Players Association released an official announcement that Gary Wichard is hereby suspended from acting as an NFLPA Contract Advisor for nine months and that Teague Egan‘s NFLPA Certification was revoked. Wichard was suspended for having impermissible communication with UNC’s Marvin Austin prior to Austin being eligible for the NFL Draft. […]

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Will There Be A 2011 NFL Season?

With the NFL Players Association and the conglomerate of NFL owners in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations this month, we have a window to discuss whether the expiration of the CBA will result in the loss of the 2011 season.  My friends Bram A. Maravent and Jeffrey F. Levine, co-authored an article (click here) on […]

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Athletic Resource Management and ProFiles Sports Plans to Merge Operations

If possible, I always like to break big news on a Monday.  A lot of people are scouring the news at the beginning of the week, and it gives people the entire week to share it with others.  That’s why I feel that the news of the Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and ProFiles Sports, Inc. […]

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Bus Cook Speaks At The Tallahassee Quarterback Club

James A. Cook, better known as Bus Cook, has the duty, chore, obligation, privilege to represent Brett Favre as his Contract Advisor.  Cook also represents 23 other active NFL players including, Peria Jerry, Michael Turner, Jay Cutler, Calvin Johnson, and Mercedes Lewis (who had a big game this past weekend, which will be important for future contract […]

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Jimmy Sexton, Fletcher Smith, And Rick Smith Amongst Leaders Looking To Fix Football Agent Issues

There might not be a solution to the problem of sports agents providing money and other benefits to student-athletes, but that does not mean that those with power in the business of sports are going to sit on the sidelines and just allow it to continue.  Instead, a group of influential people from the NFL, […]

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Report: Josh Luchs Will Have His NFLPA Certification Revoked

According to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal, Josh Luchs will be losing his NFL Players Associations Contract Advisor license.  Luchs recently had his story of paying college athletes throughout his career revealed by Sports Illustrated writer, George Dohrmann.  The piece called out 30 former college football players who alleged had taken money or another kind […]

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A Rookie Wage Scale Could Lower Agent Commissions

Fourth & Goal is a national non-profit organization made up of former NFL players, that operates to do the following: Gain representation for retired players; Advocate for improved pension and disability benefits for retired players; and Raise funds to provide immediate assistance for retired players in need. The organization has also been advocating for a Rookie […]