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2010 Sports And Social Media Predictions

I am extremely honored to be amongst the highly intelligent and motivated contributors to Jason Peck’s 2010 Sports and Social Media Predictions, and I really wanted to publish a post about it earlier in the week when the predictions first came out, but I also wanted to thoroughly read through the entire docket before writing […]

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Some Much Needed Hockey Exposure

Hockey is really losing its relevance in the United States. Sure, there are passionate fans in Detroit, Chicago, and a few other northern states, but I can’t even find enough qualified hockey professionals to field an NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement panel at the 2010 UF Sports Law Symposium. The NFL, NBA, and MLB captures the […]

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The UFC Has a Stranglehold on Social Media

This past week, I attended the Sports Networker Summit in New York City (run by our friends Lewis Howes and Amy Martin) and came away with a feeling that fighter marketing in the UFC has only scratched the surface of its potential. As mentioned above, the event was co-hosted by Amy Martin of Digital Royalty, […]

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Grab Your Name Before Someone Else Does

A couple of weeks ago, Jorge Monasterio the founder of, offered this site a fantastic post titled, Managing An Athlete’s Online Brand: A 5-Step Getting Started Guide For Agents.  The second step was to create social networking accounts while his third step said to create a Twitter account.  Personally, I believe you can combine […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (10/30/09)

Always a big weekend for Florida football fans, this weekend is the annual Florida/Georgia match-up in Jacksonville, FL.  I will not be heading there for the game or the pre/post game festivities, but I will definitely be watching on TV.  My boys better pick up their play real soon, or I fear they will get […]

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Going The Extra 5M

Sports have always been a big part of Joey Kirk’s life. From covering Bob Knight basketball at Texas Tech for the student newspaper to long nights of designing the sports section of the newspaper in Phoenix, Arizona, he found himself completely immersed in sports. It wasn’t until after a year of establishing his first business, […]

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Aroldis Chapman’s Agency Up To Shady Business?

For the past 48 hours, I have been debating whether or not I should actually make this post.  Then, after talking to a few people, they woke me up and made me realize that I actually had absolutely no choice.  If I did not write this post, I would be going against what this site […]

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Reach Everybody With One Text

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN. Still don’t have a personal and/or business profile/page on these sites? Time to join and pick up a following real quick before you end up well behind everybody else. As these social networking sites continue to pick up more value with increased offerings and publicity, other companies have been vying for a […]

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Twitter Troubles Texas Tech

Texas Tech has come out of the NCAA gates softer than expected this season, as they have a record of 2-2 at this point. Last season the team compiled 11 wins and produced star wide out Michael Crabtree, who has yet to officially begin his NFL career after being a hot commodity in the previous […]

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An Agent Who Likes To Vlog

Very few agents allow anyone outside of their employees, and sometimes their interns, into their lives for a first hand look into their day-to-day life.  I had two goals when I started this website: Become a more knowledgeable person by researching and studying the sports agent profession, while networking with established sports agents to adopt […]